How To Learn Music Theory?

Learn Music TheoryIf you wish to learn music theory you need to start with the basic concepts. Once you understand the basics you need to translate such concepts into common names that are easy to recognize and use the concepts in learning a musical instrument or how to play it. Basic theory in music can be found in different textbooks that are available for beginners as well as free programs that are available online. You can start by comparing the different words and sounds too technical music terms which help students to learn music theory by themselves. Some programs or textbooks make it easy to learn or remember terms and their musical connotations with fun examples or lessons.

Basic concepts

The basic concepts in music theory are akin to the understanding of mathematics. Every note has a numerical component; this indicates the length of playing a note or holding it to rest; notes are usually placed in segments or measures where a measure is equivalent to the note values. The rest and note value add up to equal a single measure.

Different educational sources

When it comes to music theory lessons there are free tutorials that one can find online which are ideal for beginners. They can also order books from online bookstores or find them from book shops nearby. Any resource that helps one to learn music theory effectively is to allow students to duplicate what has been learned on a blank paper after new concepts are introduced. For instance, when a chapter focuses on concepts like quarter notes, sixteenth notes, eighth notes and so forth, the chapter’s end will have a guide for the student to draw in the measures that are included in every note category. It is a method that is similar to math textbooks where problems are given to students to solve after a new method or problem-solving approach is discussed in a certain section.

Often common names are assigned to musical technical notes or concepts that allow students to remember these concepts easily. There is a similarity here as to how everyday speech is picked up by toddlers for the first time. As music notes are assigned specific values so are words broken down to separate out the individual syllables which help children to pick up the skill of speaking. When music is structured in such theory format it makes it easy for children to pick up musical concepts more easily.