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We all know the basic difference between noise and music, the latter being pleasant to the ears and the former being loud and unpleasant. When it comes to sound and music, the latter is a form of sound that has certain characteristics. While all kinds of music are sound the reverse is not true as not every sound is considered musical.

This leads to the categorization of musical and nonmusical sounds. The relationship between sound and music can throw up interesting insights such as the scales and chords that are associated with music and do not exist in sound. If we follow the physics definition of sound, it is defined as a vibration that occurs between the particles in the air which come to our ears as vibrations that emanate from objects that produce sounds. The vibrations that travel from a source of the sound and reach our ears are known as sound waves. Most objects are capable of producing sound, especially in an environment where the air is present. Sound comes when a door is shut as the door material vibrates and this creates sound waves that travel through the air and reach our ears.

At Music of Planet, music, and lessons that are taught to youngsters by this unique methodology are based on such basic but interesting principles that guide sound and music. This blog explores such topics and related ones where the different properties or categories of sound and music are explored. If you wish to explore such topics or have anything more informative to share, you can do so on this forum.